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FBI 100 - History Book

FBI 100
Our New Centennial History Book


Centennial History Book: First Two Pages of Chapter 6

Our new history book can be purchased in either hardcover or paperback editions from the Government Printing Office. It can also be read and printed at no cost on this website. Shown here are the first two pages of chapter six


We’d be the first to agree that government should be open and accountable, sharing information as freely as possible on its operations, both past and present.

It’s in that spirit—and as part of our 100th anniversary—that we have put together and are unveiling today our first comprehensive history of the FBI.

This 130-page coffee-table book—The FBI: A Centennial History, 1908-2008—traces our evolution over the past century from a makeshift band of 34 investigators to a full-fledged national security and intelligence agency with 30,000 special agents and specialized professionals working around the globe to protect the nation.

Centennial History Book: Foreword

The foreword of the book

The book takes you on a walk through seven key chapters in FBI history, showing how the Bureau has been there for our country every step of the way—from World War I and the early days of terrorism to the gangster-driven crime wave of the ‘20s and ‘30s…from the anxious age of World War II and the Cold War to the turbulent ‘60s and its burgeoning civil rights movement…from the systemic corruption of the Watergate years to the rise of global terror and crime and the transformative post-9/11 era.

Along the way, you’ll see the FBI take on a seemingly endless series of crooks and villains—from desperados like Bonnie and Clyde to hate-mongers like the KKK…from Nazi spies and saboteurs to serial killers like Ted Bundy…from mobsters like John Gotti to homegrown terrorists like Timothy McVeigh.

Centennial History Book: Two Pages from Chapter 5

Pages 66-67 from chapter five, which covers our efforts to tackle the crime and corruption of the post-Watergate years

You’ll see how the Bureau has adapted over time, constantly birthing new tools and technologies for the benefit of the larger global law enforcement community; becoming a leader in fingerprints, forensics, and training; and learning from its mistakes all the while.

The book also features:

  • More than 300 photos, including never-before-seen pictures from our files;
  • In-depth write-ups on more than 40 famous cases;
  • Several dozen sidebars spotlighting key developments and interesting insights into our history, from the birth of the FBI Lab to the rise of criminal profiling; and
  • Nine pages of reference material, including background on all FBI Directors, a list of fallen agents, and the origins of the special agent title and FBI seal.

    Centennial History Book: Two Pages from Chapter 7

    Pages 102-103 of chapter seven, which discusses the post-9/11 era


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