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Role of FBI at Virginia Tech

 School Shooting
Role of FBI at Virginia Tech


shootings041607.jpgThe FBI’s role in the aftermath of the April 16 shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia is to support the investigations of local law enforcement agencies.

“The lead investigative agencies for the shooting at Virginia Tech are the Virginia Tech Police and the Virginia State Police,” FBI spokesman Rich Kolko said on Monday. “The FBI is responding in an assistance role only. There is no indication that this is an act of terrorism; however every avenue will be investigated.”

General information on school shootings:

  • Our Criminal Justice Information Services division recently issued a synopsis of crime in schools and colleges, which is based on data reported to our Uniform Crime Reporting Program. The study, which has not yet been released, covers the five-year period from 2000 to 2004. The objective of the study was to examine the characteristics of offenders and arrestees involved in crimes at schools and colleges.
  • FBI behavioral analyst Supervisory Special Agent Mary Ellen O’Toole last fall offered insights into school shootings.
  • The White House last September convened a Conference on School Safety. The resources deal with helping schools and communities prepare for and prevent school violence and cope with and respond to instances of violence. The list also includes statistics and research on school safety.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics “Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2006” report covers topics such as victimization, fights, bullying, disorder, weapons, student perceptions of school safety, teacher injury, and drugs and alcohol. Indicators of crime and safety are compared across different population subgroups and over time.

Anyone with information that may be helpful to investigators of the Virginia Tech shootings can submit a tip electronically on this website or contact your local FBI office or the police agencies investigating the case.