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FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending June 21, 2013

Washington, D.C. June 21, 2013
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  1. Headquarters: 499th and 500th Additions Made to the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List

    Jose Manuel Garcia Guevara, aka “Pelón,” an alleged murderer and rapist, and Walter Lee Williams, an alleged child sex predator, represent the 499th and 500th additions to the list, respectively. Full Story

  2. Albany: Men Charged with Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Terrorists

    Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight were arrested for their participation in an alleged scheme to create a mobile, remotely operated, radiation-emitting device capable of killing targeted individuals silently with lethal doses of X-ray radiation. Full Story

  3. Washington Field: U.S. Citizen Indicted for Conspiring to Provide Material Support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization

    Eric Harroun, who served with the U.S. Army from 2000 to 2003, was charged in relation to his alleged fighting in Syria alongside Jabhat al Nusrah, an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group. Full Story

  4. Atlanta: Man Admits to Defrauding Local and International Victims in Internet Scheme

    Randolph Wayne Hill pleaded guilty to charges of wire fraud and money laundering arising out of various fraud schemes he operated over the Internet involving the supply of chemicals used in farming and other industries. Full Story

  5. Louisville: Relatives Sentenced for Roles in Hate Crime Assault

    David Jason Jenkins, Anthony Ray Jenkins, Mable Ashley Jenkins, and Alexis LeeAnn Jenkins received 30 years, 17 years, 100 months, and eight years in prison, respectively, for their roles in kidnapping and assaulting Kevin Pennington, a gay man. Full Story

  6. Cleveland: Three Ashland Residents Arrested for Human Trafficking

    Jordie L. Callahan, Jessica L. Hunt, and Daniel J. Brown allegedly held a cognitively disabled woman and her child against their wills for more than two years and forced the women to perform manual labor for them. Full Story

  7. New York: Leader of $50 Million Tax Refund Fraud Scheme Pleads Guilty

    Melvin Duarte, who was extradited from the Dominican Republic in January after fleeing the U.S. in 2008, admitted to engaging in a scheme to fraudulently generate and then steal federal tax refund checks. Full Story

  8. San Diego: Eighteen Members of Violent International Sports Gambling Ring Charged with Racketeering and Extortion

    Participants in the scheme were charged with operating Macho Sports, an illegal Internet and telephone gambling business, and are accused of taking millions of dollars in illegal sports wagers over the last decade. Full Story

  9. Columbia: Sixteen Hells Angels Members and Associates Convicted of Crimes Related to Racketeering Conspiracy

    The group engaged in drug dealing, money laundering, firearms trafficking, use of firearms in relation to crimes of violence and drug dealing, attempted armed robbery, arson, and other offenses. Full Story

  10. San Antonio: Twenty-Five Indicted on Drug and Money Laundering Charges

    Members and associates of the Texas Mexican Mafia prison gang are among those charged in a heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine distribution conspiracy. Full Story