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Bios of James T. Caruso and Pasquale J. D'Amuro

Washington, D.C. January 31, 2002
  • FBI National Press Office (202) 324-3691

Today, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, made the following statement:

“I am pleased today to announce the appointment of Tim Caruso as Deputy Executive Assistant Director for Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism and Pat D’Amuro as Assistant Director for Counterterrorism. The appointment of these two senior FBI Special Agents with significant experience in conducting and managing complex investigations is a key step in fulfilling the FBI’s primary mission of preventing of terrorist attacks and other pressing threats to the national security.

“Tim has acquired during his more than 23 years as a Special Agent of the FBI an outstanding record of accomplishment in both the counterintelligence and counterterrorism fields. In June 2001, he was appointed Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division and has served as its Acting Assistant Director for the past couple of months. Tim has also served as Special Agent in Charge of the National Security Division at the Washington Field Office, Chief of the former National Security Division’s (now Counterintelligence Division) Eurasian Section, and Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office. He also completed an investigative staff detail assignment to the House Appropriations Committee, concentrating on Department of Defense and Intelligence Community matters.

“With his substantial investigative experience within and outside the FBI, I believe Tim is the ideal person to assist Executive Assistant Director Dale Watson in both these matters, with a primary focus on the FBI’s prevention efforts and information sharing.

“Pat’s long experience in conducting counterterrorism investigations includes heading the PENTTBOM investigation and overseeing the investigations of the first World Trade Center bombing, the embassy bombings in East Africa, and the U.S.S. Cole attack. He possesses strong leadership abilities, demonstrated during his tenure as Associate Special Agent in Charge and Acting Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Office. These investigative and leadership talents, refined by the experience of a 22-year career as a Special Agent of the FBI, make him well prepared to take on the challenge of directing the Counterterrorism Division during a critical period of reorganization and refocusing of the work of the FBI.”