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Safety Tips (Text Version)

Safety Tips (Text Version)

Safety Tips: Header

Shirley the FBI Dog: There are some very important things that you need to keep in mind when you’re on your computer at home or at school.

  • First, remember never to give out personal information such as your name, home address, school name, or telephone number in a chat room or on bulletin boards. Also, never send a picture of yourself to someone you chat with on the computer without your parent’s permission.
  • Never write to someone who has made you feel uncomfortable or scared.
  • Do not meet someone or have them visit you without the permission of your parents.
  • Tell your parents right away if you read anything on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Remember that people online may not be who they say they are. Someone who says that “she” is a “12-year-old girl” could really be an older man.

To read more about new privacy rules, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s website at www.ftc.gov. There is a special section just for kids.

Safety Tips: Colby the FBI DogColby the FBI Dog: Have you ever found yourself separated from your mom or dad? It’s scary, isn’t it? Then you know how your parents feel when they can’t find you! You might not think that it’s a big deal to wander off while you’re in the store with your mom or dad, but think how scared they will be when they can’t find you. Most of the time, you wander back and everything is okay. There are some times when kids are abducted. This means that they are taken against their will. Abduction involves people doing bad things to you or asking you to do things to them that make you feel uncomfortable.

Here’s the hard part: Could you spot an abductor on the street? Could you tell which person in a crowd is a kidnapper? Unfortunately, kidnappers don’t always look or act differently. They may try to give you candy or presents and offer to be your friend. Just remember that they could harm you.

The good news is that most kids or young adults who are abducted are returned home safely. If one of your friends or family members goes missing, know that the FBI will quickly begin the search, often working closely with local and state police.

Remember that child abduction is very rare. However, it is important to use your good sense in all situations.

Here are some good rules to follow to protect yourself.

1. Share a secret code word.

You and your parents should agree on a code word that is easy for you to remember. This way, if anyone tells you that you need to come with them because your parents were hurt or are in the hospital, you can ask them for the code word. If they really are a friend, they will know the code word that you and your parents share. If they do not know the code word, you should run away from them as fast as possible.

2. Stay away from strangers.

Who is a stranger? If you’ve seen someone hanging around your playground at school or in your neighborhood, this does not mean that you know him or her. Although he has a familiar face, he is still a stranger to you!

3. Grownups should NOT ask kids to do things that other adults can do for them.

This means that you should not go, or get in a car, with an adult who, for example, asks you for directions. Grownups should not ask you to help them find a lost puppy or kitten, either. If someone does ask for your help, say, “Wait here and I’ll check with my mom.” Then go get your mom.

4. If you lose your parents in a public place like a store or a park do not go looking for them.

Immediately ask someone who works there to help you find them. Tell them you have been separated from your parents and you need help finding them.

5. Always ask your parents or a grownup in charge before:

  • Going anywhere with anybody;
  • Leaving the yard, play area, or going into someone’s home; 
  • Getting a ride home with someone other than your bus driver or your usual ride; and/or
  • Getting into a car or going somewhere with somebody even if it’s someone you know!!

6. Once you have permission from your parents:

  • Tell them where you are going; 
  • Tell them how you will get there;
  • Tell them when you will be back; 
  • And get back on time or call to let them know when you will be back! 

7. If someone follows you on foot or in a car, STAY AWAY.

You do NOT need to go near the car to talk to the people inside.

Shirley: Did you know that some people have to carry guns when they work? Special Agents must carry a gun when they are on duty. Security guards do, too. Who else can you think of who has to carry a gun to work?

Safety Tips: People Who Carry Guns

Some people have guns for sport shooting, while others collect old guns as a hobby.

No matter why people have guns or why they carry them to work, each one of them must have special training to know how to handle them safely. Some people go to classes to learn gun safety; some learn it from their parents. I want to teach you what to do if you see a gun.

What should you do when you see a gun?

Do not pick up the gun. Do not even touch the gun.

Remember, you must have special training to know that the gun is safe and empty.

Safety Tips: Comic Strip on Gun Safety

Cartoon character Joey: Let’s go to my house and play.

Cartoon character Tommy: OK.

Joey: Wait ‘til you see what my dad got. It is so cool. Are you ready?

Tommy: Yup!

Tommy (sees gun on bed): A gun! I don’t know Joey. Never play with guns. 

Joey: Sorry, Tommy. I’ll go tell my dad.

Shirley: If something like this happens to you, tell an adult right away. Tell your mom, dad, teacher, or neighbor. Guns should be locked up after they have been used.

Guns are dangerous. They are not meant to be touched by someone without proper training.

Let’s review what we have learned about safety by printing and completing the crossword puzzle.

Safety Tips: Crossword Puzzle

Share a ______ code word with your parents.

Some people buy guns so they can display them. These guns are part of a _________.

People online may not be who they ____ they are.

If you see a gun, do _________ it.

Stay away from ___________.

Never give out ______ information about yourself.

Security ______ carry guns to work.

People must have special _____ to learn to handle a gun safely.

People should _____ up their guns when they are not being used.



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