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Meetings and Conferences - Forensic Science Communications - October 2009

Forensic Science Communications
Meetings and Conferences

November 3–5, 2009

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)
Mass Fatality Incidents for Medicolegal Professionals

NTSB Training Center
Ashburn, Virginia


Laura Tramontin
E-mail: TrainingCenter@ntsb.gov
Website: http://www.ntsb.gov/TC/CourseInfo/TDA403_2009.htm
+ 1-571-223-3900 (Voice)


November 4–7, 2009

Annual Meeting of the
Northeastern Association
of Forensic Scientists (NEAFS)

Ocean Place Resort and Spa
Long Branch, New Jersey


Laura Tramontin
E-mail: lat4n6@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.neafs.org/annualmeeting/annmeeting.htm
+ 1-609-584-5054, ext. 5462 (Voice)


November 4–6, 2009

Raman Microscopy
McCrone Group’s College of Microscopy
Westmont, Illinois


Chuck Zona
E-mail: czona@mccrone.com
Website: http://www.collegeofmicroscopy.com/
+ 1-630-887-7100 (Voice)