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Meetings and Conferences - Forensic Science Communications - November 2008

Meetings and Conferences - Forensic Science Communications - October 2008

Meetings and Conferences - November 2008

November 10–11, 2007

Sexually Violent Crime: The Body as Evidence
Two-Day Course
Taught by Dr. Henry Lee and
Dr. Michael Baden
George Mason University
Manassas, Virginia


Joy M. Roach
E-mail: jroach1@gmu.edu
Website: http://ocpe.gmu.edu/svc3.html
+ 1-703-993-8469 (Voice)
+ 1-703-993-8336 (Fax)

November 10–14, 2008

Principles of Forensic Pathology
Featuring Dr. Henry Lee
Hilton Hotel
Rockville, Maryland


Ricky Giles
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
E-mail: came@afip.osd.mil
Website: http://www.askafip.org
+ 1-202-782-2637 (Voice)
   1-800-577-3749 (U.S. only, toll-free voice)
+ 1-202-782-5020 (Fax)
   1-800-441-0094 (U.S. only, toll-free fax)
+ 1-877-891-3482 (International fax)