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Forensic Science Communications, Table of Contents, October 2001

Forensic Science Communications, Table of Contents, October 2001

October 2001 - Volume 3 - Number 4


Research and Technology

Analysis of a Suspect Explosive Component: Hydrogen Peroxide in Hair Coloring Developer

Edward G. Bartick, Rena A. Merrill, and Kelly H. Mount

Portable Raman Spectroscopy Systems for Field Analysis

Brian A. Eckenrode, Edward G. Bartick, Scott D. Harvey,
Mark E. Vucelick, Bob W. Wright, and Rebecca A. Huff

Effect of Color and Curvature on the Concentration of Morphine in Hair Analysis

Thomas M. Mieczkowski

Trace Evidence Scrapings: A Valuable Source of DNA?

Stacy L. Stouder, Kimberly J. Reubush, Deborah L. Hobson,
and Jenifer L. Smith

Standards and Guidelines

Training Guidelines (January 23, 2001)

Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM) spacing graphic (not visible)

Reviews and Editorials

Book Review: Forensic Handwriting Identification:
Fundamental Concepts and Principles,
by Ron N. Morris

Dorothy-Anne E. Held spacing graphic (not visible)

New FBI Laboratory Building

New Building Will Enhance the FBI Laboratory’s Services

Meetings and Conferences

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