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Acknowledgments, Trace Evidence Guidelines (Forensic Science Communications, October 1999)


October 1999 - Volume 1 - Number 3

Trace Evidence Recovery Guidelines


Scientific Working Group on Materials Analysis
Evidence Committee


The participation and support of the following agencies and their personnel are acknowledged in the production of the SWGMAT Trace Evidence Recovery Guidelines:

  Acadiana Crime Laboratory, Louisiana
Arizona Department of Public Safety
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
California Department of Justice
Centre of Forensic Sciences, Toronto
Cwiklik Associates
FBI Laboratory, Washington DC
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Forensic Science Centre, Australia
Forensic Science Services, England
George Washington University, Washington DC
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
German Federal Police Office
Hamilton County Coroner’s Laboratory, Ohio
Hewlitt-Packard Corporation
Illinois State Police
Institut de Police Scientifique, Switzerland
John Jay College, New York
Kentucky State Police Crime Lab
Lake County Regional Forensic Laboratory, Ohio
Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, California
Maine State Police Crime Lab
McCrone Associates, Inc.
Metro-Dade Police Department
Michigan State Police
Microtrace, Inc.
Minnesota Forensic Science Laboratory
Montana Forensic Science Division
Montgomery County Police Department Crime Laboratory, Maryland
MVA, Inc.
National Institute of Standards and Technology
New York City Police Laboratory
New York State Police Crime Lab
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Sacramento County Forensic Services Laboratory, California
TAKA, Incorporated
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Texas Department of Public Safety
Tucson Police Department Crime Laboratory, Arizona
U.S. Army Crime Lab
Victoria Forensic Science Centre, Australia
Virginia Division of Forensic Science
Washington State Patrol Crime Lab

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