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Forensic Science Communications (Table of Contents, July 1999)


July 1999 - Volume 1 - Number 2


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From the Editor: Scientific Support to Terrorism Investigations

Randall S. Murch

Mitochondrial DNA Analysis at the FBI Laboratory

Alice R. Isenberg and Jodi M. Moore

Genotype Profiles for Six Population Groups at the 13 CODIS Short Tandem Repeat Core Loci and Other PCR-Based Loci

Bruce Budowle and Tamyra R. Moretti

Critical Revision of Presumptive Tests for Bloodstains

Ana Castelló Ponce and Fernando A. Verdú Pascual

A Small Sample Mounting Technique for Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Analysis

Dennis C. Ward

International Symposium on Setting Quality Standards for the Forensic Community, San Antonio, Texas, May 3-7, 1999

Abstracts of Presentations and Poster Sessions

Forensic Paint Analysis and Comparison Guidelines

Scientific Working Group on Materials Analysis (SWGMAT)

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