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Meetings and Conferences - Forensic Science Communications - May 2009

Meetings and Conferences - Forensic Science Communications - April 2009

Meetings and Conferences - May 2009

May 4–8, 2009

Basic Facial Reconstruction
Sculpture Workshop

Scottsdale Artist School
Scottsdale, Arizona


Betty Pat. Gatliff
Website: http://www.sculpture.outreach.ou.edu/
+ 1-405-321-8706 (Voice)

May 4–8, 2009

Modern Polarized Light
and Chemical Microscopy

McCrone Group’s College of Microscopy
Westmont, Illinois


Chuck Zona
E-mail: czona@mccrone.com
Website: http://www.collegeofmicroscopy.com/
+ 1-630-887-7100 (Voice)

May 10–15, 2009

Robert F. Borkenstein Course
on Alcohol and Highway Safety:
Testing, Research, and Litigation

Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana


Suz Frederickson
E-mail: slfreder@indiana.edu

Website: http://www.borkensteincourse.org

+ 1-812-855-1783 (Voice)

May 11–15, 2009

Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
and Expert Witness Workshop

Specialized Training Unit
Metropolitan Police Institute
Miami-Dade Police Department
Doral, Florida


Toby L. Wolson
Miami-Dade Police Department

E-mail: twolson@mdpd.com
+ 1-305-471-3041 (Voice)
+ 1-305-471-2052 (Fax)

May 14–17, 2009

American Academy of Psychoanalysis
and Dynamic Psychiatry

Annual Meeting
San Francisco, California


Executive Office
E-mail: info@aapdp.org

Website: http://www.aapdp.org
+ 1-860-286-0787 (Voice)
+ 1-888-691-8281 (U.S. only, toll-free voice)

May 18–22, 2009

Crime Scene Processing Techniques
New Hampshire Technical Institute
Concord, New Hampshire


Marc Dupre
FoCoSS Forensics

Website: http://www.focossforensics.com/html/training.html
+ 1-603-568-0713 (Voice)

May 18–22, 2009

Detection and Recovery of Human Remains

Chaminade University
Honolulu, Hawaii


M. Lee Goff
E-mail: lgoff@chaminade.edu

Website: http://www.chaminade.edu/admissions/grad
1-808-440-4209 (Voice)

May 27–30, 2009

Forensic Trends:
Psychiatric and Behavioral

Las Vegas, Nevada


Contemporary Forums
E-mail: info@cforums.com
Website: http://www.contemporaryforums.com
+ 1-800-377-7707 (U.S. only, toll-free voice)

May 28–30, 2009

International Academy of Legal Medicine
Annual Congress

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Lisbon, Portugal


National Institute of Legal Medicine
E-mail: ialmcongress2009@inml.mj.pt
Website: http://www.ialm.info
Website: http://www.inml.mj.pt/ialmcongress2009

+ 351 239 854 220 (Voice)
+ 351 239 836 470 (Fax)