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Table 2

Table 2: Match Probability Formulas for Calculating the Likelihood Ratio

P(M | K,H1) = k0Q(2x,U)+k1lM(t1)Q(2x−1, U\{t1})+k1lM(t2)Q(2x−1, U\{t2})
     + k2lM(t1)lM(t2)Q(2x−2,U\{t1}∪{t2})
P(M | K,H2) = k0Q(2x,U)+2k1Q(2x−1,U)+k2Q(2x−2,U)
Note Q(n,D) = q(n,M) − Σi∈Dq(n,M\{i})+Σi,j∈Dq(n,M\{i,j})− ···,
 q(n,D) = ∏ni=1{(1−θ)r + (k−1+i)θ}/{1 + (|K| -2+i)θ}, n≥0,
 DM,r = Σi∈Dpi, k = Σi∈Dci, ci is the number of times that allele i occurs in K,|K| is the count of elements in set K.