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SWGIT Photo Guidelines, Cover Letter (FSC, April 1999)

SWGIT Photo Guidelines, Cover Letter (FSC, April 1999)

April 1999 - Volume 1 - Number 1

U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation


Washington, D. C. 20535

April 1, 1999

Dear Colleague,

Although digital imaging technologies have been used in a variety of scientific fields for decades, their application within the criminal justice system has been relatively recent. Consequently, there has been a need to gather and disseminate accurate information regarding the proper application of this and other imaging technologies throughout the criminal justice system. To address this need, the FBI formed the Technical Working Group on Imaging Technologies in 1997.

Now identified as the Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technologies (SWGIT), the group includes approximately 25 representatives from law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as imaging scientists from academia. This group recently completed a preliminary set of general guidelines and recommendations for the use of various imaging technologies by law enforcement professionals. This draft document is entitled “Definitions and Guidelines for the Use of Imaging Technologies in the Criminal Justice System.” This document addresses law enforcement imaging applications in very general terms. Subsequent documents will focus more specifically on different applications such as crime scene photography and surveillance photography.

This communication is intended not only to inform you of the existence of SWGIT and the guidelines but also to request your assistance in the development of the guidelines. Therefore, the draft document is attached for your review and comment.

If you are interested in contributing comments, please respond prior to June 1, 1999. Instructions for submitting comments are attached. The SWGIT will incorporate the responses generated by this draft prior to issuing a final version of the document.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

SSA Athena Varounis
Unit Chief, Special Photographic Unit
Laboratory Division

On to Instructions for Submitting Comments and the draft guidelines

Editor’s Note: The deadline for submitting comments about the draft guidelines has been extended until further notice.