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SWGIT Photo Guidelines, Instructions (FSC, April 1999)


April 1999 - Volume 1 - Number 1

Instructions for Submitting Comments on “Definitions and Guidelines for the Use of Imaging Technologies in the Criminal Justice System”

If you wish to submit comments to the Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technologies (SWGIT), you may do so via e-mail or the postal system.

When submitting your comments, include the following:

1. Your name;
2. Your job title;
3. Name and address of your agency;
4. Telephone number; and
5. E-mail address.

When commenting on specific parts or sections of the draft guidelines, please indicate the section title to which you are referring.

If replying via E-mail, include the previously requested information (1–5, above) in the body of your E-mail and enter “SWGIT Guidelines Review” as your subject line. You may include your comments in the body of your E-mail or as an attachment in either WordPerfect or Microsoft Word.

Forward your comments to the following address: ddavies@leo.gov.

If replying via the postal system, please include the previously requested information (1–5, above) in a cover letter, followed by your comments, and forward them to the following address:

Richard W. Vorder Bruegge
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Laboratory Division Room 3449
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20535

On to the draft guidelines

Editor’s Note: The deadline for submitting comments about the draft guidelines has been extended until further notice.