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From The Editor (FSC, April 1999)


April 1999 - Volume 1 - Number 1

From the Editor

Randall S. Murch
Deputy Assistant Director, Science
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington DC

I am pleased to present the premier issue of Forensic Science Communications, which supersedes the Crime Laboratory Digest.

Forensic Science Communications will be published quarterly by FBI Laboratory personnel on the Internet.

The editors of Forensic Science Communications and I welcome and encourage your contributions. Please see Instructions for Authors. Forensic Science Communications  will include letters to the editor; review, research, feature, and technical articles; technical notes; case reports; and book reviews. Forensic Science Communications will also include sections entitled Roll Call and Rapid Communications.

Roll Call will be written for law enforcement officers to provide guidance and procedures for safe and efficient methods of identifying, collecting, and preserving evidence at the crime scene.

Rapid Communications will be updated as often as new information warrants. This section will streamline the publication and review process in order to get critical and useful information to the forensic laboratory community quickly. Rapid Communications will also include announcements, a meetings schedule, and employment opportunities.

My colleagues and I hope that Forensic Science Communications  will serve the forensic laboratory community well.

Manuscripts and other information relating to Forensic Science Communications  should be sent to the following address:

Editor, Forensic Science Communications
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building, Room 3865
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20535-0001
Editor, Forensic Science Communications