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Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assaults by LeBeau, Abstract (FSC, April 1999)


April 1999 - Volume 1 - Number 1


Toxicological Investigations of Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assaults


Marc A. LeBeau
Forensic Examiner/Toxicologist
Chemistry Unit
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Washington DC


Recent increases of alleged drug-facilitated sexual assault cases have alarmed the general public and law enforcement agencies throughout North America. This article addresses some of the common problems encountered by toxicologists in cases of drug-facilitated sexual assault. It also provides suggestions to overcome some of these obstacles.

Although it is a popular belief that only a few drugs can be used to facilitate a rape, there are approximately two-dozen drugs that are suspected or have been used in this nature. Most of the difficulties surrounding the investigation of drug-facilitated sexual assaults are directly related to the drug or drugs that are used in these crimes. The key to the successful investigation of crimes of this nature depends on a teamwork approach between law enforcement officers, medical professionals, and forensic toxicology laboratory personnel.

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