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Fiber Guidelines (FSC, April 1999)

Fiber Guidelines (FSC, April 1999)

April 1999 - Volume 1 - Number 1

Forensic Fiber Examination Guidelines

Scientific Working Group on Materials Analysis
(formerly the Technical Working Group on
Materials Analysis [TWGMAT])
Fiber Subgroup

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Forensic Fiber Examination

Chapter 2. Microscopy of Textile Fibers

Chapter 3. Visible Spectroscopy of Textile Fibers

Chapter 4. Thin-Layer Chromatography of Nonreactive Dyes in Textile Fibers

Chapter 5. Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography of Textile Fibers

Chapter 6. Infrared Analysis of Textile Fibers

Chapter 7. Fabrics and Cordage